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Chlorine-free, Linen Disinfectant Concentrate that cleanses, and disinfects all Hospital linen, and leaves behind a pleasant smell.




Linotox can be used for infected linen, foul-smelling linen with excretion & urine/blood/sputum, reusable surgical dressings, blankets, gowns, undergarments, mops, etc.

Linotox removes fresh stains, provides extra high cleaning power & ensures efficacy against all bacteria and fungi.

The chlorine-free formula of Linotox makes it excellent for white and coloured linen. Linotox leaves behind fragrance and removes all foul odors.

How should you use Linotox?

Follow the instructions below to use Linotox for the best results;
For infected linen – Squeeze out contaminants (blood/urine/stool etc.). Pre-soak in Linotox 1% solution (10 caps full or 100 ml in 10 litres of water) for 30 mins
For non-infected linen – This includes blankets, gowns, covers, masks, etc. Pre-soak in 0.5% Linotox solution (5 caps full or 50 ml in 10 litres of water) for 30 minutes.

Do you need to add any other cleaning agent/detergent with Linotox?

No, you do not require any other cleansing agent with Linotox.