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Popular CHG Hand Rub Formulation offers broad-spectrum Microbicidal protection, especially against gram positive and negative bacteria.




Popular CHG Hand Rub Formulation.

Chlorhexidine Gluconate (CHG) is effective against bacteria, including MRSA, mycobacteria and fungi. The combination of CHG with alcohol delays bacterial regrowth & results in more excellent residual action.

Bactorub® contains IP grade ethanol. Its formula also includes skin emollients & moisturizing substances that protect & hydrate your skin.

Bactorub® can be used at various places like healthcare settings, restaurants, workplaces, home healthcare, etc.

  • Inside Healthcare setup – Disinfect hands as per WHO’s 5 moments of Hand Hygiene in critical & non-critical areas.
  • Outside healthcare setup – Disinfect hands while traveling, in crowded places, after touching high-touch areas, using public transport, when in contact with infected patients, when hands are not visibly soiled etc.

How should you use Bactorub ?

  • Bactorub® is to be used undiluted on clean, dry hands for Hygienic (Use 3ml & rub for 30 seconds up till wrist) and Surgical Hand disinfection (Use 9ml & rub for 1.5m minutes till elbow/arms), respectively.

Areas of application for Bactorub

  • For rapid hand disinfection (Use 3ml & rub for 30 seconds up till wrist)
  • For skin antisepsis – use on intact skin, on operative/perioperative region, to be treated, allow to dry up to 30 seconds before incision.