• Sterillium

    Hospital’s no. 1 hand disinfectant*. Very good skin compatibility documented by expert reports

  • Sterillium Gel

    Ethanol-based hand disinfectant

  • Cutasept G

    Skin antiseptic for pre- and post-operative application

  • Cutasept F

    Skin antiseptic for hospitals and primary health care

  • Baktolin

    Standard wash lotion for thorough cleansing of hands and body

  • Sokrena

    Aldehyde-free cleaning disinfectant with good degreasing capability

  • Mikrobac forte

    Aldehyde-free cleaning disinfectant with very good material compatibility and cleaning power

  • Korsolex plus

    Aldehyde-free instrument disinfectant for heat-sensitive and heat-resistant instruments with powerful cleaning effect

  • Stellisept med

    Antimicrobial body cleansing

High-Tech Disinfectants

General Products

  • Made out of soft and non-toxic PVC film

  • For thorough cleansing of hands

Surface Rinsing Liquid
  • For cleaning of general floors / surfaces

  • Effective cleaning properties to remove hard stains


Touch Free Dispenser
  • Fully automatic dispenser that can be operated from 4 D-Cell batteries or 6V DC current

Foot Pump Dispenser
  • Totally touch free
  • Foot operated
  • Disburse 0.5 ml - 1.5 ml of liquid per press based on the viscosity of the liquid

Spray Pens
  • Made out of plastic
  • Available in 10 ml & 20 ml sizes
  • Spray pump properly seals the bottle neck avoiding any leakages

Wall Mounting Elbow
  • Elbow operated
  • Specially designed for 500 ml bottles
  • Easy installation, cleaning and handling and requires only a limited space

Bed Stands
  • Made out of stainless steel
  • Specially designed for 500 ml bottles
  • Stand to be hooked to the bedside

Wall Mounting Bracket
  • Made especially for 500 ml bottles to be wall mounted
  • Easy installation and requires very little space
  • Simple fitting and handling

Dosing Pump
  • Made especially for 500 ml bottles
  • Disburse 0.5 ml - 1.5 ml of liquid per push based on the viscosity of the liquid

Spray Heads
  • Made especially for 250 ml bottles 
  • Comes with every 250 ml bottle

Display Racks
    • Ideal display rack to be kept in hospitals,pharmacies,Super markets, and groceries to display Domestic Packs of products

Bode Certifications


Evaluation of our hi-tech product range against world's renowned standards



Latest Publications

latest scientific publications and background reports on relevant hygiene issues.

Previous Publications

Previous scientific publications and background reports on relevant hygiene issues.

Research Information

Special information and an internationally renowned research details of our products

Hi-tech Disinfectants


Hand Disinfectants

Hands are not only in focus when germ transmission is concerned, but as the body’s most important apparatus they are exposed to many stresses and strains. Our hand hygiene system protects, disinfects and cares for the natural skin resources of them.                                






Acting as the first line of defense of the body, skin is entrusted with an important protection function. Our products for hand and body hygiene support the natural skin barrier with high-quality and well tolerable ingredients.





Instrument Disinfectants
With a broad range of proven and innovative formulations, the products combine high safety standards with user convenience. Our range for manual and automatic instrument cleaning and disinfection as well as for endoscope reprocessing were developed and intensively tested against the latest scientific knowledge and legal requirements.





Equipment Disinfectants

The success of disinfection and cleaning measures very much depends on the right concentration, dosage and application of the product. Our dosing equipment and application aids prevent over and under dosages, optimize the hygiene standard and provide more user safety.





Surface Disinfectants

For surface hygiene, we offer a complete assortment of renowned products, which are certified and aligned in accordance with their application area. Our surface products with modern active ingredients, minimum product toxicity, low use concentrations and high user convenience prove effectiveness in daily practice and in many application areas.





Linen Disinfectant

Bad linen services in hospitals are a very common and frequently heard complaint. Clean and properly disinfected linen is a vital element in providing high-quality medical care which goes in par with maintaining a clean and disinfected environment. Our product will ensure cleanliness and total disinfection in all types of linen.