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    Why we are special – customer reviews


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Sterillium is a user friendly alcohol based hand rub
Date of Posting: 28 September 2012
Posted By: Dr. Samanmalee Gunasekara
Designation: Consultant Microbiologist
Institution: Kaluthara General Hospital
I would like to say about your disinfectant products from June 2004 and up to now we are using these products. Mostly like Sterillium, Baktolin 5.5, Bacillocid Special, Bacillol 25, Bacto Rub, Bacto Scrub, Korsolex Plus and Korsolex Rapid. These products have the capability to cover up our entire hospital with regards to infection control and also I am happy to say we are using only Mamro products in our hospital for disinfection purposes. Up to now our post infection / patient and death ratio has been very low. When ever we need the products Mamro supplies them at a very short notice proving their service excellence! I appreciate the Company as well as their products. Finally would like to say that these products save lives in terms of infection control.
Date of Posting: 04 September 2012
Posted By: Mr. B Ketheeswaran
Designation: In-charge of Pharmacy Stores
Institution: Lanka Hospitals Ltd
I got to know about Sterillium from the doctors of the Pediatric Ward of the Cancer Insttute, Maharagama. I have a Fund called “The Jeevaka Fund” which provides Sterillium to the Hospital at the request of the doctors and this has been so, for the past five years. They are very satisfied with the product, and they insist on “Sterillium from Mamro” only.

Mamro sales team has been very helpful to me. I just have to give them a call and request them to deliver the goods to the hospital and it is done. They are very accommodative and I have to remind them to collect the payment cheque for the same!

I use the product to clean my telephones and my hands while at work in office, and at home a well. I wish they could educate more people about the product by doing some advertising.
Date of Posting: 03 September 2012
Posted By: Mrs. M B Assauw
Designation: Director
Company: Mercantile Investment and Finance PLC
We at Maliban Milk are quite satisfied with the level of service given to us by your organization.

There are no complaints about your products or their quality standards from our laboratory department (Quality Control).

Your order delivery process and customer focus is excellent!

We wish all the very best for your Organization!

- Management & the Staff -
Date of Posting: 30 August 2012
Posted By: Mr. Tisara Attygalle
Designation: Stores Executive
Company: Maliban Milk Products (Pvt.) Ltd
Sterillium is undoubtedly the best hand sanitizer I have used in my life. It is very smooth on the skin and does not give an irritant or uncomfortable feeling once used. It’s a product that I will not hesitate in recommending to anyone.
Date of Posting: 28 August 2012
Posted By: Mr. Sydney Downall
Designation: Bank Manager
Institution: Hatton National Bank PLC
I have used sterillium as a hand disinfectant during the last 2 years. Sterillium is very useful in surgery, clinics as well as in the wards. Its sterility, availability in a pen form and its pleasant smell are its outstanding features. Out of the hand disinfectants I have used the past 2 decades sterilium is one of the best.
Date of Posting: 24 August 2012
Posted By: Dr. Daya De Silva
Designation: Senior Consultant / Surgeon
Institution: Nawaloka Hospitals Ltd
Hand washing is the easiest way to prevent the spread of illness and disease - and yet many people don't do it properly, or regularly enough.

During a normal day our hands pick up millions of germs simply by touching shared surfaces like a door or bench or as in my case, by getting in contact with patients constantly.

If you then touch your nose, eyes, mouth or anything that goes in your mouth, the germs can get inside your body and make you sick which sometimes could prove to be fatal.

The basic act of washing hands is something we should know like the back of our hand! But simply running your hands under a tap will not flush away the germs. This is where “Sterillium” comes in handy. The use of an alcohol-based hand rub is definitely more effective in killing germs, which cuts off the spread of deceases ensuring protection.

Therefore, I most definitely recommend Streillium to all fellow medical professionals and to anyone of you who care about controlling the spread of deceases, as it delivers results it promises.

Also it comes in a user-friendly pen form which can be easily carried in the pocket of a doctor’s coat or in a purse or a hand bag which encourages habitual use.
Date of Posting: 23 August 2012
Posted By: Dr. Chamila Jayasekara
Designation: Medical Officer
Institution: General Hospital, Matara
Baktolin 5.5 Hand wash and Sokrena detergent

We are purchasing above two products from your Company since 2008 and we are very happy with them because it shows in our test records that they control the levels of microbes what we are expecting.

And also we never had an issues regarding Mamro services and delivery etc. That is why we are still with your Company and interested in buying you products.
Date of Posting: 23 August 2012
Posted By: Mr. D W L Kumara
Designation: Group Quality Assurance Manager
Companty: Apollo Marine International (Pvt.) Ltd
I have been introduced to Sterillium two years back and had been completely satisfied with the results, the product is absolutely easy on the hands, provides excellent protection from risk of infection during my day to day use, 100 % safe and gives a excellent fragrance too, it has given me much needed protection during my day to day travel to the extent that I have recommended it to few of my friends and relatives also.
Date of Posting: 21 August 2012
Posted By: Mr. Tharanga Jayawickrama
Designation: Marketing Manager
Company: Bayer Pharmaceuticals
It is a great opportunity to say few words about your valuable products supplied to our esteemed Institute. The Institute “Lanka Hospitals” I work is a multi specialty tertiary health care provider, treating both national and international patients. We strongly believe the disinfectants used at our hospital should be smart and effective to serve the purpose of its use.

The products “Mamro” has supplied are very effective and free of complications by the end user. The products like Sterilium, Bactorub, and Bacilocid do have an excellent action and we continued to value your products.

The disinfectants supplied by Mamro have a tolerable and pleasant fragrance and appreciated by the end user as none had skin allergic reactions following the usage.

The quality and the standard of all the products remained unchanged as a result the effectiveness was excellent and within the recommended time frame. There were no shortages in supply and no issues with after sales services.

I appreciate your valuable products, services and standards very much.
Date of Posting: 18 August 2012
Posted By: Dr. Rasika Adasuriya
Designation: Medical Registrar
Institution: Lanka Hospitals Ltd

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